Manifesto Policies

Eva Lewis was a member of the Women’s Manifesto Group for the Conservative Party in March 2002.

William Hague asked Theresa May to write a policy consultation paper called Choices.

Choice is about women. Women in this century are facing exciting challenges and more opportunities than ever before. At the same time life is becoming increasingly complex and we all have greater demands being made on us.

Choices’ is coming to a better understanding of the sort of difficult and demanding decisions that we have to make on a daily basis and that women want the freedom to be able to make choices about their own lives, work and how they bring up their families.

Choice lies at the centre of the Conservative party’s policies. In giving the power to lie with families and communities, to recognize and build on the enormous contribution women make in society, in their careers, bringing up children, as carers and in their local communities. So women can be free, to make their wealth of fresh ideas happen.

Photo By: Brooke Cagle