Computers Quick Learn

This year thousands of computers will be sold, many to people purchasing them for the first time. With little or no experience on how to use their new toy, it can be very frustrating. Once set up, it is relatively easy to log on to the Internet and surf the World Wide Web, but what about all the programmes available? And wouldn’t it be nice if one could start e-mailing friends and family without having to learn the hard way?

Have no fear! Computers Quick Learn has come to the rescue with a new concept in learning. Like a breath of fresh air, breaking new ground with its method designed to help those (and there are many) who fear computers.

Computers Quick Learn is a series of quick and easy computer lessons which have been carefully laid out in an easy to understand step-by-step guide. There are several programmes to choose from, such as Microsoft Word, Windows Explorer, Excel, PowerPoint and more. This quick and easy concept not only features courses for those who want simple usable communication skills, but also for those who need to learn the more complex skills required for business.

Some of the problems facing those who purchase a computer for the first time, are the complex manuals, but Computers Quick Learn simplifies everything and uses language that we can all understand.

“The jargon ridden computer manual seems designed to confuse rather than clarify. So much so that you abandon the computer and watch it gather dust. We want to show people that computers are much easier to use than they think.” Says Eva Lewis.

When Eva was interviewed recently on the Pete Murray radio show, she amazed Pete and his listeners by taking the fear out of using computers and explaining just how easy they are to master.

Computers Quick Learn

Cordelia Gerard Sharp
Eva Lewis
Patrick Hickey